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About Us

Tradition Lives ...

Open since 1954, the premier Italian restaurant in the Northland has been owned and operated by the Cascone family for four generations.  Our family's origins trace back to Ragusa, a city near the southern coast of Sicily.    Family photos in the lobby illustrate Sempre Famiglia - Family Forever - a phrase that appears on an adjacent wall plaque.  Nearby, a framed Cascone's full-page newspaper ad dated April 26, 1956 underscores the sense of history here...

Today ...

We respect our roots.  Customers enjoy classic dishes and attentive service in a comfortable space with modern décor.  Adaptation is also important.  Cascone family members young and old pay attention to contemporary tastes and participate in discussions to balance the restaurant's traditions with fresh ideas. 

Making customers happy has been the key to keep them coming back.  And the fine Italian food prepared by chef Victor Cascone is happines served on a platter.  While the hearty food draws regular customers and newcomers, the service and atmosphere is equally integral to the experience.  Whether guests come for a bridal shower, holiday office party, or a couple's night out, we provide the same attention to detail and hospitality.  We tailor our menu, décor, china, and service to suit special events.


Dining at any of our restaurants is a homecoming of sorts where guests can relax, enjoy each other's company, and celebrate life's big moments and small rituals.  That communal approach is an extension of what we value as a business: tradition matters; family is important; serve your community.

The endurance of Cascone's is a testament to the family's hard work.  As general manager Jimmy Cascone puts it; "We've seen restaurants come and go.  People depend on us,  Customers want real people and a real environment."

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